Barra Grande Piaui

Barra Grande in Piaui, is today the most popular beach for those seeking tranquility in a paradise not yet discovered by mass tourism. It is also the target of visits of those who enjoy adventure sports, due to its huge ecotourism potential.
For lovers of extreme sports, Barra Grande is located on Route Winds, where the constancy allows the practice of sports in several ways, including beaches and dunes, winds and waves, the practice is not limited to a single mode.

How to get here

  • From Teresina or Fortaleza :
    Bus (Expresso Guanabara) to Parnaiba
    Private Transfer
  • From Parnaiba :
    Bus (Damasceno) direction Cajueiro da Praia - Barra Grande
    Taxi or Private Transfer
  • In Barra Grande :
    Turn West (left) at the center square
  • Address :
    Rua São Benedito, 10
    Barra Grande, Cajueiro da Praia 64222-000
    Piaui, Brazil